Acquiring Information as We Approach General Convention 2006*

Offered by Your Deputies from References noted by a variety of members of the House of Bishops/Deputies List

April 2006

*This is by no means a complete list

Compiled for the Diocese of Virginia Deputies by Condi Bartol



Web Sites

  1. http:
  2. http:
  3. 2 resources offered by a longtime GC deputy from CT., Ted Mollegen whose father taught for many years at VTS:
    1. - titles are-

i. What is GC and how does it work?

ii.                                      God’s Mission – and Doubling by 2020

iii.                                      Alternate Paths to Ordination

iv.                                     Prayer Book and Hymnal Revision

v.                                    Tithing

vi.                                     Sexuality Issues

vii.                                   Reconciliation


    1. - an overview by the writer called “Looking Ahead to General Convention 2006” listing his view of key issues to come before GC 2006
  1. - on line magazine
  2. - Sojourners magazine articles on line
  3. - weekly publication also available by yearly subscription for $42.50 via Living Church Foundation, Inc. 816 E. Juneau Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53202
  4. - monthly publication also available for $18.00 via P.O. Box 2050, Voorhees, NJ 08043-8000
  5. - 16 page paper written prior to 2003 GC and other information
  6. - Diocese of Massachusetts; click on top right bar “Classes/Resources”, scroll down to last item – Task Force on the Blessing of Holy Unions – includes a variety of resources
  7. - some thoughts on the conservative side – article We’ve Had Dessert by Slats Slaton
  8. - blog of the Rev. Kendall Harmon, South Carolina, this also has postings that are reflections of conservative thinkers; sometimes the language used by the writer can be challenging in the ways of speaking to each other
  9. - blog of the Rev. Mark Harris of Deleware, parish priest, writer, member of the Special Commission on the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion; member of the Nominating Ctte for the next Presiding Bishop
  10. - a multi-faith web site about religion and spirituality



1.       Please note information in # 7 and 8 above in Web Site information

2.      The Windsor Report – available on line through the diocesan web site

3.  To Set Our Hope on Christ – a Response to the Invitation of Windsor Report paragraph 135 given at the Anglican Consultative Council by the Episcopal Church – can be downloaded from our diocesan web site; go to web site, click on Resources on left side of page, click on Windsor Report on left side of page when it comes up.  You will find the Report and the Response and references to study guides.  May also be purchased in book form at Cokesbury bookstore at VTS for $5.00

4.  Study Guide for publication in #3: - designed for 6 discussion sessions of 2 hours each

5.  The Anglican Theological Review – a quarterly review of theological reflection; $35.00 via ATR 600 Haven Street, Evanston, IL 60201 to subscribe

6.       Episcopal News Service – a free, online publication of news happening around the Episcopal Church and in the Anglican Communion where and when our leaders are involved.  To subscribe to the enslist, send a blank email message, from the address which you wish subscribed, to:



1.    Always Open: being an Anglican Today by Richard Giles,  Cowley Press 2004

  1.  Understanding the Windsor Report – Two Leaders in the American Church Speak Across the Divide by Ian Douglas and Paul Zahl
  2. A Generous Orthodoxy by Brian McLaren,  an evocative overview of how one person pulls together the best of his experiences.  Shows ways to be more gracious and generous with each other. (excerpts of someone’s summary)
  3. The Power of Appreciative Inquiry – A Practical Guide to Positive Change by Diana Whitney and Amanda Trosten-Bloom
  4. Appreciative Inquiry Handbook – a guide by David L. Cooperider et al
  5. Hard Ball on Holy Ground – The Religious Right v. The Mainline for the Church’s Soul – Research essays and interviews Edited by Stephen Swecker; 108 pgs, $12.99 + S &H from
  6. Exclusion and Embrace: A Theological Exploration of Identity, Otherness and Reconciliation by Miroslav Volf – analysis of one of the core challenges of a life lived following the path of the one who is for us The Christ (review note by Elizabeth Kaeton+)
  7. Philemon’s Problem: a Theology of Grace – “deals with contradictions in the epistles and the problem of inclusion in the early church.  It is a helpful book for anyone dealing with the issues raised by literal interpretations of the scripture.” (Comment notes by a clergy deputy).
  8. What is Anglicanism? By Urban T. Holmes – recommended by several on the list serve of Deputies to GC


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