Links to Anglican or Otherwise Interesting Sites

A Few Ideas

Here are some basic sites on the Net that can be good starting places for an investigation of what is available.

Anglicans Online is absolutely the best place to start an investigation of Anglican resources on the Web. Be sure to visit the section on the Church in the United States. This will lead you to most of the Anglican/Episcopal and related Sites that are out there, including this one. The site is now up under new management, and looks very good. Connected to this, through the same server, is a nice little collection of Anglican resources, mostly classical, mostly from the catholic perspective.

Don't miss the Official Episcopal Church Home Page.

Also, the new Official Web Site of the Church of England is well worth a visit.

The Red Book, a directory to all sorts of things in the Episcopal Church, including every congregation in the Church, is now on line. Take a look.

In the Diocese

Try out these additional links:

Here is a page of resources for Bible Study, including a wide variety of sites from a number of perspectives. Here is another.

Episcopalians Online is a fairly new, independent site that has all sorts interesting links and features.

Worldwide Faith News is an interesting new site that serves as a global archive resource containing news releases, policy statements and other official documents from national and global faith organizations, denominations, ecumenical agencies, and other groups. Trinity Grants program in New York is providing start-up funding for the program.

For news about the American Church, the best place to go is Episcopal News Service, which will also send news releases to your E-Mail address at your request.

The Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest, in Austin, is up and running with a handy new Web Site. Drop in and say hello.

For those interested in the Diaconate, check out the site for The North American Associate for the Diaconate. There is all sorts of interesting stuff here.

Another interesting resource is, a service of Christianity Today Magazine. The Site includes a Net Search with links to over 3,000 "Christian" Sites that really cover the waterfront.

Cursillo and Walk to Emmaus both have national home page that are worth a look.

Education for Ministry, or EFM, is also on the Web.

Faith Alive  has its own web site.

Devotional resources include a handy Online Lectionary, Daily Morning and Evening Prayer, and Forward Day by Day.

Right now, the list of parishes that have web pages is in flux, and some seem to be down. These all are currently working. at least eleven  parishes in the Diocese of Northwest Texas have their own Home Pages. These are St. Mary's, Big Spring, Heavenly Rest, Abilene, Holy Trinity, Midland, Emmanuel Episcopal Church in San Angelo, St. Stephen's, Lubbock, St. Andrew's, AmarilloThe Church of the Good Shepherd in San Angelo, St. Paul's in Lubbock, St. Nicholas' in Midland, and St. Christopher's in Lubbock. The list is changing rapidly. Drop in on these sites to say hello and to get some ideas for your parish.


Shopping Possibilities

Cowley Publications has a good site; and it is sometimes difficult to find their books elsewhere, even on Amazon.Com.

The Episcopal Book Center, at the National Church, has an interesting selection. Take a look

The Morehouse Group has a good selection and variety of books and other resources.


Blatant Stealing

To keep from re-inventing the wheel, here is some work from others. These are a few well-done links pages in other Episcopal Sites.

The Web Site of the Diocese of Kansas has a great List of Links with all sorts of interesting places to go.

The links at Anglican Communion and Episcopal Church Links  are extensive and interesting. They seem to be fairly current, also. They cover the waterfront pretty well.

Another excellent list of links is St. Paul's Church in East Cleveland, Ohio. The Site contains some great resources as well as a broad collections of links.

This is barely a taste of available resources and interesting places to visit. Still, a look at even a few of these will give you a good introduction to what is out there, and all of the tools you need to find what you are looking for.


The Lambeth Conference has come and gone, for better and for worse. Many of these sites are still working and have good information:


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