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General Convention, 2000



This page is a collections of links to Web resources on the 2000 General Convention, which was July 5-14 in Denver, Colorado. Unlike the last General Convention, there is good Web coverage of the Denver event, and the National Church is hosting a number of excellent pages. Because of that, this page will not be as extensive as it was three years ago. Fortunately, that isn't necessary this time. The pages should be up and available for some time after Convention is over.

First Hand Reports


Official Sites:

These are all part of the Official Website of the Episcopal Church.

News Services whose reports tend to be trustworthy include:

Some Unofficial Sources for information include:

Click Here for a list of the names and address of our Deputies to General Convention

The Links Page of includes a number of other references if your surfing takes you away from Convention and into more varied Anglican waters.


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