General Convention, 2009


This page is a collections of links to several Web resources about the 2009 General Convention, which will be July 8th to 17th in Anaheim, California. There will be vast and detailed web coverage of the Convention. Because of that, this page will not be as extensive as it was three years ago. Fortunately, that isn't necessary this time. I will try to focus on collections of links to Convention or to commentaries on Convention. These pages should be up and available for some time after Convention is over.

Specific stuff from our Diocese includes:

Information about General Convention Includes:

Frequent or Daily reports on the doings of Convention includes:

After Convention includes Summaries and Reflections include:

I would like to add a word a thanks to the many Deputies from around the Church who, through the House of Bishops/Deputies Listserv offered several very helpful suggestions that were incorporated into this list. Any errors of fact or judgment are, or course, my own.  Jim Liggett, Webminister,


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