Pam's Proverbs
By Deacon Pam Dunbar, February 5, 1999


1.    A deacon’s place is often between a rock and a hard spot.

2.    Clean hands and shoes don’t call attention to themselves.

3.    Always thank the Altar Guild.

4.    Never underestimate the power of Velcro.

5.    Vestments are long to cover shaking knees.

6.    The world may work from sun to sun, but a ministry’s growth is never done.

7.    The success of service leadership can be measured by how often lay persons take over a particular ministry.

8.    Beware the trap of triangulation.

9.    Ecclesiastical math is all word problems.

10.    There is great freedom in obedience.

11.    Deacons ask good questions.

12.    Carefully choose which ditch you wish to die in.



Ecclesiastical math is all word problems:

How do you find out how many people are in the congregation?

If someone else provides the house count to you–how do they communicate it to you?

How much wine is in a flagon or cruet and how many people does it usually serve?

How many people can be usually served per chalice?

How many loose wafers are there in the bread box or Ciborium? If there are little packets or containers of some kind, how much is in each one?

                How much bread and wine is in the Reserved Sacrament? How old is it? Does the priest want it used up in a certain way?


Presented to the Deacon Formation Program by Deacon Pam Dunbar, February 5, 1999.


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