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 Actually, it's not really all that bad. Below are a number of files you can download to begin the formal process toward Ordination in the Diocese of Northwest Texas. Before you download and begin using these files, you must have the permission of the Bishop and of your Rector (or Canonical equivalent) to begin your participation in this process.

Also, while it is your responsibility to insure that all of the steps have been taken and forms completed at the appropriate times, the Commission on Ministry and others involved in your process are most willing to explain things and answer any questions you may have. But it is your responsibility to ask.

Please note that the files below are all in .pdf format, which means you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to read and print the files. Most computers have Reader already installed; but if yours doesn't, click on the "Acrobat Reader" button at the bottom of the page and download a free copy from Adobe.


Forms for everyone, whether applying for the Diaconate or the Priesthood

  • HODC Guide  --  Holy Orders Discernment Committee Guide, a short book for congregational groups to use in helping individuals determine in what manner God might be calling them.  The Guide is a step by step manual for who should be in this group, how often to meet, what's the agenda, etc.  This is a "how to" manual.

  • HODC Handbook  --  Holy Orders Discernment Committee Handbook, a work of short readings, as a supplement to the Guide.  Don't know much about the Theology of Holy Orders?  This is a book of readings, giving historical, theological, and pastoral insights. 

  • BACAM Application--  Bishop's Advisory Conference on Applicants to the Ministry  This conference is required of those in diaconal formation, and two of the three routes to priesthood -- those of Reading for Orders and the Seminary route.  Those interested in local formation in community are NOT required to attend BACAM.  Currently there are two BACAM events, one in the early Spring (held in conjunction with the diocese of Oklahoma) and one in the late Spring.  Those interested in the seminary route must attend the earlier BACAM.  Those interested in the Diaconate must attend the later BACAM.  Those interested in Reading for Orders should contact the COM for information about their BACAM.  For exact dates, and more information concerning BACAM contact the Commission on Ministry.

  • Medical Forms --  These are the church pension fund forms for the required  medical and psychological exams.  All persons in the ordained ministry of the Episcopal Church must take these exams.


        Special forms for those applying for Ordination to the Diaconate

  • Diaconal Preface  -- A short one page overview of the diaconal formation process.

  • Guidelines for the Use of Deacons  --  Just what it says.  The official policy of the Diocese of Northwest Texas.

  • Meaning and Function -- An official statement of the Diocese of Northwest Texas.  It is the "vision statement" of the diaconate for our diocese.  Wondering what deacons are about?  A brief definition.

  • Deacons' Checklist  --  A short list of the steps in the diaconal formation process.  This has just a little explanation of each step and is intended merely as a guide or a place to mark off one's progress.

  • Diaconal Packet  --  The Diaconal packet, which includes an expanded version of the deacons checklist, a summary of the relevant canons, and most of the forms required by the canons.

  • Application for Candidacy -- Two forms, a Personal Application, and a Certificate of Rector and Vestry need to be completed and filed with the Diocesan Office.


    Special forms for those applying for Ordination to the Priesthood

  • Short Checklist -- Just what it says, a short, no explanation given, checklist of the steps leading to priestly ordination, and a few of the first year's requirements.  Not meant to be informative, but a place to "check off" one's progress.

  • Priesthood Packet --  This is a rather large document, over 60 pages long.  It includes an overview of the ordination process for the priesthood, the relevant canons, an expanded version of the checklist, the required forms (exclusive of BACAM, HODC, and the medical and psychological exams). 





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